Happy owners get their original artwork

Ausspann – Saturday night

Four winners – four original artworks- waiting to „come home“. Ruth and I were preparing that precious moment as the guests arrived.

The art lovers Harry & Renate, Petra and the spouses Schäfer had a toast with us on their new gems.

„We somewhat accidentally ran into this kind of caching“, Mrs. Schäfer told us, “ we had some visitors, showed them around in the famous Schnoor quarter and popped into the galery Art15. I fell in love with a picture, we arranged everything with the female aritst, Karola Bösch, and just wanted to come back on Saturday to fix the rest. And there we were…“


Ruth Cordes & Burghard Schäfer with the original artwork by  Studio Ruth E.E. Cordes
Ruth at signing her printed artshow exclusively for Burghard.

A face full  of sun

Ronald & Petra „with sunflower“ – a great title for a pic 😉

Ronald Philips (Ausspann) hosts the artistic legacy of  Doris Lenkeit, Bremen painter (21.10.1964 – 17.07.2015).

Limited to 30 prints of Lenkeits` sunflower, Petra Reinhardt got one of the works. She is a well settled Coach, Communications Trainer and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy here in Bremen and she loves art. „It`s not about owning it, but the sheer joy of watching it!“ She states.

It was more than an illuminating evening for me since she is a bright head and a warm heart.



„There is always a space for arts“

Alchemy of soul

Renate and her hubby Harry were looking forward to receiving their original artwork. These two lovable people are that much a part of the Schnoor Family, as they visit almost every artshow and musical event taking place here or around us. It is always great to have a chat with them! „We need to arrange space for the picture“, Renate smiled, “ We  got arts all over our place!“ They receive my contribution to this event of „Schnoor Night of (the) Arts“ : our logo lady with a hand-lettering of „Arts is the alchemy of souls“ .


„Art as soul`s alchemy“  Hand Lettering and ink splash art by Ute Bescht
l to r.: Karola Bösch / Art15 – Ronald Philips / Ausspann – Ute  with  Harry Kelpin – Spouses Schäfer

This „lettering“ seems to be the new bling: we called it simply proper handwriting those days. But – it lubricates business and viral marketing for artist shops, authors of books about „hand-lettering“ asides from all range of youtube tutorials from rookies to profs any colors.


The 4. winner was not with us, but she will receive her prize by Galerie 37 – a watercolor artwork by Hans H. Spalteholz .

She would have loved to come, but her schedule was very tight.


Making a good use of time

What`s next?

We  had a fantastic evening with our guests – not only because of the fun, but also for valuable ideas and great input. Ruth an I love those people who are able to plant ideas, observe critically without schooling, save us from mindset one way streets and create impulses. These people encourage us to go on. And this is what we will do!

Because: After the show is before the show!

As Ruth says in the end of the video: „We look forward to anything what crops up!“



Missed the video?

Watch it here and (maybe) grin… since there`s no script – no second take and… an outtake 😉

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